Wedding planner: who he is and what he does

Wedding planners - Dream and experience creators

A wedding planner is a professional, specialized in helping bride and groom plan their wedding banquet and realize the event by presiding over its direction, from the preparations to the conclusion of the celebrations. A creator and coordinator of experiences who understands the needs and personalities of his clients and proposes solutions, projects and additional services with the aim of creating the right atmosphere for their special day.

The wedding planner can also contribute to the functionality of the wedding reception, suggesting the layout of the tables, the choice of musical accompaniment, the addition of decorations and other elements to ensure that everything is in line with the objectives.

In addition, his training and experience are focused on creating events with the right character, reflecting the style and personality of the client and involving the guests in a unique and special experience.

In-house wedding planner service

Having an in-house wedding planner service is a great asset for any wedding venue and can be crucial for choosing, managing and coordinating all the elements that contribute to the success of the event.

A dedicated wedding planner is responsible for overseeing and taking care of every aspect of the event and for ensuring the success of the experience, but not only. His or her role is also the one to simplify procedures, suggest the right solutions to clients, optimize resources and ultimately save costs.

How can you save time and money with a wedding planner?

A location that can boast the presence of an in-house wedding plannerentrusts its clients to a trusted personwho knows the strong points of the venue and who knows how to guide the choices in harmony with the pluses offered by the context and the surrounding area; an advantage not to be ignored when it comes to organising an important event.

With a dedicated event planner, brides and grooms can enjoy their special day without worrying about anything else.

An in-house coordinator makes the wedding planning process much quicker and more enjoyable, thanks to his or her experience, to the sensitivity in understanding his clients’ expectations, and to the knowledge of the details needed to fine-tune the event.

These also include optional services, i.e. all the activities that will be included in the event program, from photographers to musicians, from entertainment to floral decorations.

A good professional has his own network of selected and experienced collaborators, at favorable rates. His talent lies in being able to identify the right partners and suggest to the couple the best suited solutions to their needs and at the best price.

Are you looking for a professional who can help you organize the wedding of your dreams?

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Skilled wedding planners who can solve many problems and offer countless advantages.

Villa Acquaderni provides its clients with the experience, tact, empathy and in-depth knowledge of a team specialised in wedding and event organisation.

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