Details that make the difference: personalising your wedding

Details are the soul of a wedding, as it is the carefully chosen and personally crafted details that make a wedding event unique and memorable

We can safely say that every couple getting ready to marry, dreams of experiencing the big day in a special atmosphere.

However beautiful and prestigious the location that hosts an event, it is often the surrounding elements that reflect the character and sensitivity of the bride and groom and convey the uniqueness of their emotions to everyone participating.

Personalizing the wedding

In this article we will explore some of the details that can make the difference and make your wedding truly extraordinary.

Creative wedding invitations: the announcement of your love

The wedding invitations are the first glimpse your guests will have of your wedding, so why not make them really special?

In addition to essential information such as the date, place and time, invitations can be creatively customised to reflect the style of your wedding or anticipate its main theme.

You could opt for an invitation with a unique design or add original elements such as photographs or illustrations.

Think about the material to be used.

For a small number of invitations, classic paper could be replaced by other supplies on which to engrave, paint or print information in a completely original way.

Let your creativity run free and surprise your guests with unforgettable invitations.

Thoughtful wedding favours: special thanks

Favours are a common tradition at weddings and guests are usually divided between those who can’t wait to receive theirs and those who would do anything not to take home yet another useless ornament.

So why not make wedding favours more than just gifts to remember your event?

With a bit of effort and a heavy dose of initiative, your wedding favours can be transformed into true objects of symbolic value,capable not only of uniting people in memory, but also of transmitting and recalling over time a message, a proof or a thought that you choose to give to those who will keep them.

For example, deciding to donate favours made by hand from recycled materials, instead of buying a stock in a specialised shop, is a gesture that clearly and effectively conveys some of the values you believe in.

An original gift, created especially by you for your guests, will not disappoint anyone.

As a sign of your love and gratitude, rather than an object to keep, you could think of favours to taste! Small jars of honey or homemade jams are great ideas for those who prefer simplicity and authenticity.

You could also give an object that represents you as a couple and that, like your love, will grow and develop in the homes of your guests: a carefully chosen plant will be perfect!

Possibilities are endless, the important thing is that the favours authentically reflect your personality and your love, otherwise you know that the risk is very high that they will soon be forgotten in a drawer.

Dettagli che fanno la differenza, personalizzare il vostro matrimonio

Thematic decorations: creating a magical atmosphere

Decorations are one of the best ways to personalise your venue and turn it into a magical, enchanted place.

Choose a theme that represents you as a couple and fits your style, and let the decorations do the rest.

You could opt for a vintage themed party with retro elements (old typewriters, trunks, vintage bicycles…) or choose a floral theme with fresh, colourful flowers, enveloping the venue with life and fragrance.

Be inspired by your common passions and interests to create a truly special setting.

Culinary details: delighting your guests’ palates

Food is one of the most expected aspects of a wedding for your guests, so why not make it truly unforgettable?

Work with your caterer or wedding planner to create a tailor-made menu that reflects your culinary tastes and preferences.

You could opt for creative gourmet dishes or local specialities that represent your region or land of origin.

Let your guests be delighted not only by the taste, but also by the way the dishes will be offered, served and presented.

Personalised entertainment: tailor-made entertainment

Entertainment is another important aspect of a wedding and you can make it even more special by personalising it.

Think about what your passions and tastes are and try to incorporate them into the wedding entertainment.

For example, if you love music, you could opt for a live band or DJ to play your favourite songs.

If you are fond of board games, a good idea is to create a dedicated games corner to entertain your guests during the reception.

If you love magic tricks, mystery and magic, then our advice is to hire illusionists and mentalists who will undoubtedly know how to amaze and entertain all those present.

Be creative and carefully consider the contributors and artists who will be in charge of your day’s entertainment… you will definitely spot on!

In short, details make the difference.

Personalizing the wedding is the secret to making the event you are going to authentically yours.

The personality and the refinement of the seemingly minor elements is what will make your wedding truly special and unforgettable.

Unleash your creativity, think outside the traditional box, listen to your instincts instead of complicating your life by assessing what your guests might like, and you will be one step closer to achieving a wedding that will be remembered forever.

If you would like to learn more about this topic and get advice from our wedding planner team on how to personalize your wedding in a prestigious location, please contact us.

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