The Villa

Villa Acquaderni

The fascinating tradition

The big house is sorrouned by an enchanting garden, with terraces, romantic recesses and a splendid stone fountain; an excellent place to create a unique and memorable experience.

Elegant, refined and welcoming

The Villa furnishing reflects the meticulous attention to details, elegance and refinement for which Villa Acquaderni has always been renowned.

A natural photographic set and an extraordinary stage where art, the value of a tradition and the work of the ancient master craftsmen merge with the most modern instances that will offer its guests a journey of undisputed value through the splendour of a time accomplished and the emotions of one yet to be written, just like the most awesome of loves.

A noble story of love, vocation and courage

The history of Villa Acquaderni begins in the 17th Century.

The house was built in the mid-1600s with the initial aim of bringing refreshment to pilgrim friars travelling between Modena and Florence.

Over the decades, the Villa passed through several families from Bologna, until it came under the ownership of the Rusconi Alberghini family in 1700.

In 1854, Giovanni Acquaderni married Maria Rusconi Alberghini, the only descendant of a lineage of marquises well known in Bologna and linked to the Roman Pontiff.

Giovanni Acquaderni was an illustrious and eclectic man, active in the cultural Bolognese environment and very close to the Church, for which he worked as a layman throughout his life.

A place always devoted to emotions

Giovanni and Marietta, as he liked to call her, had a large, flourishing family, united by an everlasting and enlightened love, made up of sharing and participation in all the activities and works in which Giovanni did all what he could, for.

Described several times by Giovanni in his letters, Villa Acquaderni was the family’s summer residence.

Within those walls and in that garden, the family found particular refreshment, due to the welcoming and peaceful atmosphere and the good, healthy and extraordinarily pleasant climate, especially during the warmer months.

Villa Acquaderni, also known as Villa Rio Verde because of the close river that holds the same name, like all the surrounding lands and properties that from Sasso Marconi went up towards Mongardino, passed as a dowry to the family, who, since them on, took them over and made them live, passing them on to the family line until the present days, where the sixth generation takes care of the place with unchanged passion and respect.

Going through history preserving stories to tell

After the happy years of the second half of the 19th century, the Villa also experienced the dramatic era of the World Wars.

During the Second World War, the house was occupied by a German SS brigade, due to its strategic and extremely favourable position as an observation and battle point in front of the Gothic Line.

After the war, the whole property has been restored and preserved with care and passion by the Acquaderni family.

The Villa today, among nature, beauty and infinite awesomeness

The Villa has a square form and is a classic example of a Bolognese noble house, with its finely decorated central loggia, liberty -style balcony and characteristic avenue set on an axis with the main entrance of the house.

The property benefits of an enviable location, surrounded by a generous and picturesque nature.

The very large and well-kept garden has at its centre a heart-shaped meadow with its romantic stone fountain protected by a border of boxwood.

Tall trees with magnificent colours and powerful branches surround the park and the Villa, creating the effect of a natural amphitheatre that wraps up the whole, both visually and acoustically.

All of this contributes to make Villa Acquaderni one of the most evocative and elegant locations in the Bolognese hills today, ideal for hosting events, banquets, ceremonies and weddings.

The great oak

The undisputable star of the garden is the majestic centuries-old oak, an oak of an unidentified species but listed under number 100 of the monumental plants of Emilia-Romagna, which shows with its shape, with the lightness of its foliage and its magnificence, a unique bearing.

An ancient guardian idol of the Villa, leafy and powerful, encircling its surroundings to protect and nourish them with its life-giving energy

A villa for events, weddings and emotions

Due to the conformation of the whole structure, to the availability of the outdoor spaces, to the beautiful garden and the large and functional car park, Villa Acquaderni is today an ideal location to host banquets, events and ceremonies, parties and cultural meetings of any kind.