Some tips on how to choose the right location for a wedding

Choosing the setting for your wedding is one of the most important decisions you will make in life

The venue chosen for the celebration of an event will have a significant impact on the atmosphere, style and overall success of the entire experience.

Even more so if the event is a wedding, the venue will set the character for the whole reception and will be an important part of the bride, groom and guests’ memories for years to come.

Visiting villas, restaurants and specialised wedding venues is certainly fascinating, but it takes time and energy, and can often create uncertainty and frustration.

Our suggestion is to start well prepared.

Before contacting venues and comparing offers and quotations, take some notes and imagine what could the best setup for your event, be.

There are many factors to consider when you are in the process of evaluating a wedding venue.

First, the venue must be romantic, functional and affordable.

On the concept of romanticism there is much to be said.

We know that there are as many different declinations of romanticism as there are people who question its real meaning. But let us not lose sight of the essence of the matter: a wedding reception celebrates the union of two people in love in the presence of a community of guests.

Our advice is to imagine a romance to be shared.

The venue that will host the celebration should convey love.

The right location will be one that can welcome the participants in a symbolic embrace in which sentiment will triumph.

Every wedding must tell a story, the story of love in which the bride and groom are the protagonists. Let the details guide the hearts of those who will celebrate with you towards your personal and unique story.

Think about how to bring out your idea of romance through the colours, the decorations, the names you will give to the tables, the structure of the tableau and everything else you want to include in the design. For the rest, it will be the venue itself that will introduce your friends and relatives to an atmosphere dedicated to love.

Pay attention to location accessibility

As far as functionality is concerned, you will have to keep well in mind some fundamental factors, such as the amount of space needed, the time of year when the event will be held, the distance of the location from your home and accessibility for all your guests, especially if they have mobility problems.

And don’t forget transport! If there is no parking available on site or nearby, it may be inconvenient for those arriving by car to attend your party.

Finally, in order to arrive prepared for your meeting with the owners of the venues you decide to evaluate, we suggest you to think about your budget.

Here below five questions you should ask yourself when looking for the perfect venue:

  1. What is our budget?
  2. How many people will be attending?
  3. How formal or informal the event should be?
  4. What kind of menu proposal would we like to offer?
  5. What optional services will we need?

Rely on qualified service providers who can give you all the information you need

If you are looking for a wedding venue that has all the features to host your memorable day, contact us.

Our staff will be able to advise you on the right solutions to bring your event to life.