Villas and Historical Residences | The perfect location for a wedding

Many couples that are about to get married are looking for an exclusive setting where to organise their wedding banquet and make their special day memorable.

Choosing the perfect wedding location.

Historic villas and mansions are widely sought as wedding venues, as they have a considerable number of advantages and offer specific requirements that a normal restaurant cannot fulfil.

Let us see what the main ones are.

First of all, privacy

In most cases, a wedding villa welcomes only the guests of the event, guaranteeing absolute discretion and protecting the privacy of the reception.

Quiet atmosphere

The location of prestige residences is almost always a step away from urban centers, far from crowded areas and possibly distant from busy roads, all elements that could conceivably distract from the success of the banquet.

In questo caso In this case, context plays a very important role.

For the creation of a successful event, the tranquillity of the location, preferably with a park or wide and welcoming gardens, is essential to create an atmosphere suitable to the importance of the occasion and spread a sense of collective participation and closeness of the guests.

Refinement and uniqueness

Private villas, due to their peculiar nature, add a touch of refinement to the receptions they host and can embellish the experience with details and particulars coming from their history, the style that distinguishes them and their cultural substratum.

A historic residence is always part of a larger environment and bears unique witness to the territory in which it stands and the tastes and aspirations of those who frequent it as their venue of choice.

Completeness of the offer

Today, many villas are prepared to offer their guests a complete service.

The most organised establishments provide their customers with a reliable network of collaborators who can facilitate the overall planning and staging of the event.

Some think that this trend is unsustainable because it is expensive and direct their search towards cheaper alternatives

Our advice is not to start out prejudiced

Very often the overall cost of holding a wedding reception in an exclusive location is not very different from the expense required for similar services in restaurants or specialised facilities.

Do not miss the opportunity to request a personalised quote and evaluate it carefully.
Point your budget out and ask for proposals and suggestions from the owners… you may be pleasantly surprised!

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