The simulated civil rite wedding is a growing trend in the wedding world.

A single location for the wedding ceremony and banquet

The simulated civil rite is an increasingly popular solution for couples wishing to get married in an evocative location, granting all their guests, at the same time, an unforgettable experience.

It is an alternative to the classic formula that involves holding the civil wedding in an official venue with certain criteria and then moving the bride, groom and guests to the chosen location for the banquet and festivities.

The simulated civil rite allows the future bride and groom to celebrate their union in a location more suited to their style and needs

The most obvious advantage of choosing to organise the simulated civil rite in the same location as the banquet, is that it allows couples to enjoy greater convenience, flexibility and customisation possibilities.

By opting for a wedding celebrated privately in a villa, the bride and groom can completely personalise the experience, best expressing their own tastes and emotions and creating an unforgettable and exclusive moment.

The wedding is one of the most important events in a person's life, and it is important to celebrate it in the best possible way

Drawing up a civil wedding programme is essential to organise a perfect event that meets the expectations of the bride and groom and their guests, and that can take place on time and schedule.

Our advice? Avoid improvisation!

Planning the ceremony with the help of a professional who will take care of the direction and timing of the celebration means providing the event with structure and orderso that no detail is neglected, all the actors involved, from the celebrant to the musicians, the waiters and the witnesses, respect the planned steps and so that the guests can enjoy the experience with the greatest possible involvement and concentration.

If you are planning a civil ceremony for your upcoming wedding, it is important to know what should not be missing for an effective planning of the experience

When organising a civil wedding, timing is crucial.

Do you want your guests to stay focused throughout the event without feeling rushed or bored?

Arranging the perfect simulated civil ceremony

Planning in advance and making sure you have all the necessary elements in place before the big moment arrives is essential to maintain control over the entire course of the ceremony.

This includes establishing the timing of the celebrant, deciding who will speak and when they will do so, foreseeing how and when to include significant moments such as the reading of vows or a traditional rite, when the musical accompaniment should start, and whether speeches by witnesses, friends or special guests are planned.

Involve your guests.

An additional measure that can help making the civil wedding programme effective, is to communicate in advance what they should expect from the event to all participants.

Providing those attending the exchange of vows with a detailed agenda or specific instructions on what should be done, will ensure conscious and active participation by all.

The civil marriage ceremony is a solemn and significant moment for bride and grooms and their families

It is an opportunity to celebrate the love that joins two people and to testify their mutual commitment in front of those who have, and will have, an important role in their lives.

This is why we underline the importance of always relying on a director specialised in managing events of this kind.

If you are looking for a unique and romantic location in which to celebrate your simulated civil ceremony under the constant supervision of an expert ceremony master, contact us immediately !

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